Have you tried to get a mortgage recently? It can be an obstacle course of paperwork to get a loan…but weave the impediments and you can buy a home. Here are five key actions you need to accomplish to get a mortgage.


edited by Jodi Summers Home ownership in necessary for wealth creation. Owning is better than renting because, over time, the net worth of homeowners significantly outpaces that of renters. Researchers at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University recently analyzed the reasons why the net worth of homeowners has outclassed that of renters, […]

by Tim Smith On June 9, 2014, Germany reached a green technology revolution: it produced more than half of its total energy demands that day using only electricity generated from solar power. Some media outlets took the figure and exaggerated it, claiming that Germany produces all of its power on any given day from solar […]

edited by Jodi Summers Looking at Forbes’ billionaire statistics country-by-country, you’ll be satisfied to know that the United States boasts 29 real estate billionaires > more than any other individual nation. China has the second highest number of the property-rich at 21, followed closely by Hong Kong, with 18 real estate billionaires. We siphoned through […]

Edited by Jodi Summers Meet the world’s real estate billionaires. As this writing, there were 135 real estate billionaires on the planet – 15 more than last year – according to the 2014 Forbes Billionaires List. The top 20 real estate moguls are predominantly men settled Asian-Pacific nations – 12 men and 2 women. Seven […]

by Jodi Summers Looking for your fantasy Beverly Hills mixed use development project? One of the most desirable pieces of real estate in the country —9900 Wilshire Blvd., is for sale again. Price in the mid-$300-million range for the 8-acre parcel. “A truly rare circumstance in the highly regulated and supply-constrained city of Beverly Hills,” […]

edited by Jodi Summers Bravo! Lincoln Blvd finally develops character! Santa Monica has been painting buildings,  while the heat of Abbot Kinney Blvd. has spread to Lincoln Blvd. Venice, where it has earned the ultra-hip nickname the Linc. This fabulous article from Los Angeles magazine talks about the tremendous amount of fun, food, shopping and […]