If you’ve owned your property for a while, no doubt you’ve accumulated quite a bit of equity. Many titleholders allow their assets to accumulate. Others cash out and use the money for other things such as….

Here’s a rundown on the smartest and most popular gadgets for the 21st century household. ** https://www.car.org/marketing/clients/infographics/Smart%20Home%20Tech

Have you tried to get a mortgage recently? It can be an obstacle course of paperwork to get a loan…but weave the impediments and you can buy a home. Here are five key actions you need to accomplish to get a mortgage.

New year, new home? Here’s how savvy homebuyers decide where they’re going to live.

Happy holidays all! Always an entertaining real estate sign.  

You know the obvious reasons to buy a home – location, location, location. We’d like to share with you some of the other factors that influence sale price:

More than 69 million Americans live in 342,000 common-interest communities. The majority of owners believe the Homeowners Association protect their home values. Here’s why:

Growing up during the great recession has made millennials better at monitoring their money that most people give them credit for doing. Here’s an overview of millennial money habits:

Why do we remodel? Many of the homes in the Los Angeles area are around 50 years old. Homeowners want modern amenities – new kitchens, updated bathrooms, smooth ceilings. Here are the top reasons homeowners remodel:

Buyers are on the hunt for 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes with a garage and modern amenities – specifically the kitchen and bathrooms….